Membership & Fees

Membership is open to ladies of all nationalities but no one nationality may exceed 25% of the total Association membership. Waiting lists are maintained for such situations.

The annual LIA membership fee is EUR 35.

LIA Language

The official language of LIA Munich is English. All members must be conversant in English.

About LIA Munich


The Ladies International Association (LIA) Munich, a non-profit organization, was founded in 1994 by a group of international ladies who recognized that becoming comfortable in a new environment is easier within a group of like minded individuals.

LIA's aim is to provide opportunities for members of various nationalities to meet and to participate in social, cultural, linguistic and philanthropic activities.

The Executive Board (elected annually) together with the Activity Coordinators (active members) ensure that there are a variety of daytime activities during each month of the year. The club issues a monthly newsletter including a programme with upcoming club events.


LIA’s General Meeting is on the 4th Wednesday of the month at the Heide Volm in Planegg at 10.00. Each month there is a speaker or programme except in August (lunch out), November (Fair) and December (Christmas lunch). During the General Meeting club activities are discussed and a speaker is invited to give a presentation.

Some regular activities are: tours, book-discussion, bridge, cookery, crafts, various language conversation groups, sports, mahjongg, lunch out, 'Stammtisch' and nearly every year members can join on cultural and sightseeing trips abroad.

Philanthropic activities are held throughout the year and are finalized by means of an annual fair. LIA contributes to local charities.